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uk /ɪnˈkəʊd/ us /ɪnˈkoʊd/

[ T often passive ] to change something into a system for sending messages secretly, or to represent complicated information in a simple or short way:

Many satellite broadcasts are encoded so that they can only be received by people who have paid to see them.
Some music CDs are encoded with information about the performers and their music.

[ I or T ] specialized language to use a word or phrase in a foreign language in the correct way:

Grammatical information helps learners to encode sentences.

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encodeverb [ T ]

uk /ɪnˈkəʊd/ us /-ˈkoʊd/

IT to put information into a form in which it can be stored, and which can only be read using special technology or knowledge:

HTML is the programming language used to encode documents to that they can be displayed on any computer which has access the Web.
Each box of medicine has a label encoded with a unique ID number linked to a database.
noun [ U ]

Let's review the encoding and decoding of this information.

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