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uk /ɜːr/ us /ɝː/

the sound that people often make when they pause in the middle of what they are saying or pause before they speak, often because they are deciding what to say:

"What time shall we meet this evening?" "Er, eight-ish?"
"Is he handsome?" "Er, well - he's got a nice friendly sort of face, though he's not exactly handsome."

ERnoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /ˌiːˈɑːr/ us /ˌiːˈɑːr/


uk /r/ us //

-er suffix (FROM A PLACE)

added to the names of particular places to form nouns referring to people who come from those places:

a Londoner (= a person who comes from London)
a northerner (= a person who comes from the north)

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ER en inglés americano

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abbreviation for emergency room (= the place in a hospital for people who need immediate medical care):

You should go to the ER if you have chest pains.

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