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especially en inglés

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uk /ɪˈspeʃ.əl.i/ us /ɪˈspeʃ.əl.i/ also specially

A2 very much; more than usual or more than other people or things:

She's not especially interested in sport.
I love Australian wines, especially the white wines.

for a particular reason:

I chose this especially for your new house.
They invited her to speak especially because of her experience in inner cities.

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especially en inglés americano

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us /ɪˈspeʃ·ə·li/

(used to emphasize the importance of one thing among others of its type or to point to one thing among others) very; particularly:

He was especially fond of his youngest brother.
She campaigned throughout the US, but especially in the northeast.

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Positive results against this policy will only be obtained by decisive fighting on the part of workers, seamen and interested regions, especially coastal regions.
I welcome the appreciable increase in allocations, especially for rural development, although that increase is mainly directed at the candidate countries.
I would especially mention, among other things, energy, trade and investments, justice and internal affairs, legislative rapprochement, the environment, transport and regional and cross-border cooperation.
I agree that we can do a lot to make things easier for the poorest countries, especially in the areas of agriculture and textiles.
Although it proposes a range of non-binding measures, the stress on the role of local communities, especially police, social workers, local authority healthcare staff and others is the right emphasis.
With effective action we will protect waters in which people bathe, safeguard the supply of clean fish to eat, and improve maritime ecology, especially in enclosed sea areas.
Be that as it may, this proposal will serve to maintain a vital source of revenue for our local authorities, especially those of the smallest communities.
In addition, there seems to be a growing lack of any ability, power or willingness to set up efficient institutions, especially in the security field.
Other forms of structural policy, especially those for the benefit of richer regions, often appear to frustrate labour mobility or lead to distortion of competition.
Women, too, are especially at risk.