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Significado de “every” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "every" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /ˈev.ri/

every determiner (ALL)

A1 used when referring to all the ​members of a ​group of three or more: The ​policewant to ​interview every ​employee about the ​theft. The show will be ​broadcast every ​weekdaymorning between 9.00 and 10.00. We're ​open every ​day except ​Sunday. I've been out every ​night this ​week. Every ​time I go to London I get ​caught in a ​trafficjam. Ten ​pence is ​donated to ​charity for every ​bottlesold. These ​paintings may ​look like the ​real thing, but (each and) every one of them is a ​fake. That ​salmon was very ​expensive so make ​sure you ​eat up every (​single) bit.every bit as equally as: Opponents of the ​war are ​considered every ​bit as ​patriotic as ​supporters.every last every: We ​catch the ​majority of ​people, but ​hunting down every last ​tax evader is ​impossible.every which way US in all ​directions: The ​game was ​hindered by a ​fiercewind that ​swept the ​ball every which way.in every way in all ​ways: This ​movie is in every way a ​masterpiece of ​cinematography.(your) every need all the things that you need or ​want: There'll be an ​assistant there to ​see to ​your every need.
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every determiner (REPEATED)

A1 used to show that something is ​repeatedregularly: Computers can ​perform millions of ​calculations every second. Every four ​minutes a ​car is ​stolen in this ​city. Every ​day in the US 25 ​people are ​murdered with ​handguns. Every fewkilometres we ​passed a ​burned out ​jeep or ​truck at the ​side of the ​road. The ​conferencetakesplace every other/secondyear.every now and again/then C1 sometimes but not often: Every now and again/then they'll have a ​beer together.every so often C2 sometimes but not often: Every so often I ​treat myself to a ​meal in an ​expensiverestaurant.
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every determiner (GREATEST)

B2 the ​greatestpossible or that can be ​imagined: I'd like to ​wish you every ​success in ​your new ​job/​happiness in ​your new ​home. She has every ​reason to be ​unhappy after ​losing her ​job and her ​home. You had every ​opportunity to make a ​complaint. Every ​effort is being made to ​minimizeciviliancasualties. She has every ​right to be ​proud of her ​tremendousachievements.
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(Definition of every from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "every" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /ˈev·ri/

every adjective (ALL)

used when referring to all the ​members of a ​group of three or more ​consideredseparately: Every ​employee will ​receive a ​bonus this ​year. They’re ​open every ​day. Make ​sure you ​eat every ​bit of ​dinner. Tour ​guidestend to travelers’ every need (= all ​theirneeds).

every adjective (REPEATED)

used to show that something is ​repeatedregularly: Computers ​perform millions of calculations every second. In many ​places, ​malnutritionaffects every third ​child (= one ​child in three).

every adjective (GREATEST)

the ​greatestpossible: Every ​effort is being made to ​fix it. She has every ​right to be ​proud of herself.
(Definition of every from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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