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explosion en inglés británico

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uk /ɪkˈspləʊ.ʒən/ us /ɪkˈsploʊ.ʒən/

explosion noun (BURST)

B2 [ C or U ] the fact of something such as a bomb exploding:

The fire was thought to have been caused by a gas explosion.
The explosion (= the intentional exploding) of nuclear devices in the Bikini Atoll was stopped in 1958.

Más ejemplos

  • Fortunately there was no one in the house at the time of the explosion.
  • The explosion sent pieces of metal and glass hurtling through the air.
  • Eight people, including two children, were injured in the explosion.
  • The explosion brought the whole building crashing to the ground.
  • Witnesses say that there was an explosion and then the plane dropped from the sky.

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explosion en inglés americano

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us /ɪkˈsploʊ·ʒən/

explosion noun (BURST)

[ C/U ] a violent burst, often with a loud noise:

[ C ] The fire was caused by a gas explosion.
[ U ] The explosion of the space shuttle shocked the nation.

explosion noun (INCREASE)

[ C ] a quick and big increase:

Auto dealers report an explosion of interest in family-style vans.

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