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extinguish en inglés americano

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extinguishverb [ T ]

us /ɪkˈstɪŋ·ɡwɪʃ/

to stop a fire or light from burning:

It took the firefighters four hours to extinguish the flames.

(Definición de extinguish del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

extinguish en inglés de negocios

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extinguishverb [ T ]

uk /ɪkˈstɪŋɡwɪʃ/ us

LAW to take something away, for example a right to do something:

A deed restriction extinguishes the right to use or develop a property for certain things.

FINANCE to decide that a debt does not have to be paid:

With interest the debt doubled and was not finally extinguished until years later.

(Definición de extinguish del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)