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fairy en inglés británico

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fairynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈfeə.ri/ us /ˈfer.i/

fairy noun [ C ] (IMAGINARY CREATURE)

an imaginary creature with magic powers, usually represented as a very small person with wings:

Do you believe in fairies?
She used to think there were fairies at the bottom of her garden.
be away with the fairies UK humorous

to behave in a way that is slightly strange:

It's no good asking her to take care of the children - she's away with the fairies most of the time.

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fairy noun [ C ] (GAY)

offensive a gay man

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fairy en inglés americano

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fairynoun [ C ]

us /ˈfeər·i/

an imaginary creature with magical powers who looks like a small person with wings

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