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uk /fɒls/ us /fɑːls/

false adjective (NOT TRUE)

B1 disapproving not true, but made to seem true in order to deceive people:

She was charged with giving false evidence in court.
When she was stopped by the police for speeding, she gave them a false name and address.
He assumed a false identity (= pretended he was someone else) in order to escape from the police.
under false pretences disapproving

If you do something under false pretences, you lie about who you are, what you are doing, or what you intend to do, in order to get something:

He was deported for entering the country under false pretences.
If you're not going to offer me a job, then you've brought me here under false pretences (= you have deceived me in order to make me come here).

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false adjective (NOT CORRECT)

B1 not correct:

"Three plus three is seven. True or false?" "False."
The news report about the explosion turned out to be false.
You'll get a false impression/idea of the town if you only visit the university.

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false en inglés americano

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falseadjective [ not gradable ]

us /fɔls/

false adjective [ not gradable ] (NOT REAL)

(of things) not real, but made to look real, or (of information) not true but made to seem true in order to deceive:

Haban used false identification to enter France.

false adjective [ not gradable ] (NOT CORRECT)

not correct or true:

"Three plus three is seven. True or false?" "False."
Note: said about information or an idea

false adjective [ not gradable ] (NOT SINCERE)

(of people or their manner) dishonest or not sincere:

“I think of myself as great,” said Tyler, abandoning false modesty.
adverb [ not gradable ] us /ˈfɔls·li/

She was falsely accused of shoplifting.
verb [ T ] us /ˈfɔl·səˌfɑɪ/

She falsified the accounting records.
noun [ U ] us /ˈfɔl·sɪ·t̬i/ also falseness, /ˈfɔl·snəs/


We’re trying to determine the truth or falsity of your previous statement.

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false en inglés de negocios

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uk /fɔːls/ us

not true or correct:

It is an offense to give false information on your application form.

made to look real, especially in order to deceive people:

The wanted man is known to be travelling under an assumed name and with a false passport.

based on wrong information or a wrong idea about someone or something:

Many immigrant workers arrive with a false impression of western countries.
by or under false pretences

if you do or get something by or under false pretences, you do or get it dishonestly by telling lies:

The official was convicted of obtaining property by false pretences.
Two executives had gained access to their rival's business plan under false pretences.

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