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UK US favorable uk /ˈfeɪ.vər.ə.bəl/ us /ˈfeɪ.vɚ.ə.bəl/

B2 showing that you like or approve of someone or something:

We have had a favourable response to the plan so far.

B2 making you support or approve of someone or something:

She made a very favourable impression on us.

C2 giving you an advantage or more chance of success:

favourable weather conditions
Note: opposite unfavourable

Más ejemplos

adverb UK US favorably uk /ˈfeɪ.vər.ə.bli/ us /ˈfeɪ.vɚ.ə.bli/

Our products compare favourably with (= are as good as, or better than) all the leading brands.

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