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Significado de “feature” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "feature" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /ˈfiː.tʃər/  us   /-tʃɚ/

feature noun (QUALITY)

B2 [C] a ​typicalquality or an ​importantpart of something: The town's ​main features are ​itsbeautifulmosque and ​ancientmarketplace. Our ​latestmodel of ​phone has several new features. A ​unique feature of these ​rockshelters was that they were ​dry. [C] a ​part of a ​building or of an ​area of ​land: a ​geographical feature This ​tourincludes the area's best-known ​natural features, ​including the Gullfoss ​waterfall. The most ​striking feature of the ​house was a ​huge two-storey ​roomrunning the ​entirewidth and ​height of the ​building.B2 [C usually plural] one of the ​parts of someone's ​face that you ​notice when you ​look at them: He has ​wonderfulstrong features. regular (= ​even and ​attractive) features Her ​eyes are her ​best feature.
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feature noun (ARTICLE)

C2 [C] a ​specialarticle in a ​newspaper or ​magazine, or a ​part of a ​television or ​radiobroadcast, that ​deals with a ​particularsubject: a double-page feature onglobalwarming

feature noun (FILM)

[C] (also feature film) a ​film that is usually 90 or more ​minuteslong

featureverb [I + adv/prep, T]

uk   /ˈfiː.tʃər/  us   /-tʃɚ/
B2 to ​include someone or something as an ​importantpart: The ​movie features James Dean as a ​disaffectedteenager. This week's ​broadcast features a ​report on ​victims of ​domesticviolence. It's an Australian ​company whose ​logo features a ​redkangaroo.
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(Definition of feature from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "feature" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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featurenoun [C]

 us   /ˈfi·tʃər/

feature noun [C] (CHARACTERISTIC)

a ​noticeable or ​importantcharacteristic or ​part: This ​car has ​excellentsafety features. She has ​fine, ​delicate features (= ​parts of the ​face).


(in ​newspapers and ​magazines or on ​television) a ​special or ​importantarticle or ​program, esp. one that gives ​details about something that is not ​part of the ​mainnews: They're ​running a three-part feature on the city's ​childwelfareagency. A feature is also the ​mainmovieshown in a ​movieprogram.

featureverb [T]

 us   /ˈfi·tʃər/

feature verb [T] (SHOW)

to show or ​advertise someone or something as the most ​important or most ​obviouspart: Tonight’s ​program features some ​outstanding performers.
(Definition of feature from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "feature" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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featurenoun [C]

uk   us   /ˈfiːtʃər/
something that makes a ​product, ​machine, or ​system different, and usually better, than others of a similar ​type: The new ​smartphone has all the features of existing ​models, ​plusaddedextras. innovative design featuresadded/additional features The ​wirelessnetwork consists of a ​standardwireless infrastructrure, ​plusadded features such as the ​ability to ​control the ​allocation of ​bandwidth.innovative/new feature With every ​softwareupdate come new features to ​protectusers, ​including parental ​controls and ​spamfiltering.safety/security feature Several ​safety features, for ​example, airbags, ​seat belts, and child ​seats, were ​tested.distinctive/distinguishing feature A distinguishing feature of Mexico's ​industrialstructure is the large ​proportion of ​smallbusinesses vis a vis large ​companies.important/key feature Reliability is the ​key feature of all our ​products.
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uk   us   /ˈfiːtʃər/
[T] to ​include something as ​part of a ​product, ​machine, or ​system, especially something that makes it better than others of a similar ​type: The latest ​software features ​built-inaccess to ​onlinemessagingservices.
[I] to be ​included as ​part of something such as a ​plan, ​calculation, etc.; ​figure: feature in sth Wind ​farms, ​solarpower, and other ​sources of ​renewableenergy must now feature in the ​environmentpolicy of all ​responsiblegovernments.
(Definition of feature from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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