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fee en inglés americano

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feenoun [ C ]

us /fi/

an amount of money charged for a service or for the use of something:

an admission fee
The doctor’s usual fee is $125.

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fee en inglés de negocios

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feenoun [ C ]

uk /fiː/ us FINANCE

an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or for a particular right or service:

agree/charge/collect, etc. a fee He's good, but he charges huge fees.
a fee of £50/$20 million/100 euros, etc. The two clubs agreed a fee of £50 million for the player.
pay £1000/$20,000/90 euros, etc. in fees The airline paid $130 million in fees to advisers.
cut/increase/put up, etc. fees The bank has cut its admin fees to attract new customers.
fee on sth The credit-card company collects a fee on every transaction.
fee for (doing) sth Some banks charge a fee for using other banks' cash machines.
An agency will advise you for a fee.
annual/monthly fees

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