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fifth en inglés británico

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fifthordinal number

uk /fɪfθ/ us /fɪfθ/

A2 5th written as a word:

the fifth floor of the building
Tomorrow is the fifth (of September).
I was/came fifth in the race.

Más ejemplos

  • Beethoven's fifth symphony has been arranged for the piano.
  • The meeting is on the fifth and we're hoping everyone will attend.
  • You're the fifth person to ask me that question.
  • He was the fifth climber to die on these mountains over the past two days.
  • He lit his fifth cigarette in half an hour.

fifthnoun [ C ]

uk /fɪfθ/ us /fɪfθ/

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fifth en inglés americano

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fifthadjective, adverb, noun [ C ]

us /fɪfθ/

(a person or thing) coming immediately after the fourth and before all others:

Leo was fifth in the race.
[ C ] Tomorrow is the fifth of September.

A fifth is one of five equal parts of something.

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