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uk /ˈfɪl.ər/ us /ˈfɪl.ɚ/

filler noun (FOR HOLES, CRACKS)

[ C or U ] a substance that is used to fill small holes and cracks, especially in wood and walls

filler noun (TAKING TIME OR SPACE)

[ C ] a short text or drawings used to fill extra space in a magazine or newspaper, or talk, music, etc. used to fill extra time in a radio or television broadcast:

We used the clip as a filler after one of our guests dropped out of the show.

[ U ] disapproving something of lower quality included in a film, broadcast, speech, record, etc. in order to fill all the time or space:

There are only three good tracks on the album - the rest is just filler.

filler noun (COSMETIC)

[ C ] a substance that is injected (= put with a needle) into the skin as a beauty treatment, to hide wrinkles (= lines or folds in the skin caused by age)

filler noun (PHRASE)

[ C ] specialized language a word or short phrase such as "er" or "well", used when a person pauses to think about what to say next:

When she transcribed the conversation she edited out all the fillers.

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