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Significado de “fit” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "fit" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /fɪt/ (-tt-)

fit verb (CORRECT SIZE)

B1 [I or T] to be the ​rightsize or ​shape for someone or something: That ​jacket fits you ​perfectly. The ​dress fits like a ​glove (= very well). Our new ​sofa doesn't fit through the ​door. I don't ​think another ​desk will fit into this ​classroom. My car's too ​big to fit in this ​space.
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fit verb (BE SUITABLE)

C1 [T] to be ​suitable for something: With her ​qualifications, she should fit the ​jobperfectly. Let the ​punishment fit the ​crime. I'm ​sure we'll have something to fit ​yourrequirements.
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fit verb (PUT IN POSITION)

B2 [T] to ​provide something and put it in the ​correctposition: All the ​carpets we ​sell are fitted ​free. She's been fitted with an ​artificialleg.
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fit verb (ILLNESS)

[I] UK to have a fit (= ​suddenattack of ​uncontrolledmovements)


uk   us   /fɪt/ (fitter, fittest)

fit adjective (HEALTHY)

A2 healthy and ​strong, ​especially as a ​result of ​exercise: I ​jog to keep fit. You need to be very fit to ​hike the Inca Trail.
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fit adjective (SUITABLE)

C1 suitable for a ​particularpurpose or ​activity: She's not fit for the ​level of ​responsibility she's been given.
be in no fit state to do sth to not be ​able to do something because you are ​upset, ​ill, ​drunk, etc.: He's very ​upset and is in no fit ​state to ​ for human consumption safe for ​people to ​eat(not) fit for purpose UK Something that is fit for ​purpose does what it is ​meant to do.see/think fit C1 to ​consider an ​action or ​decision to be ​correct for the ​situation: Just do whatever you ​think fit - I'm ​sure you'll make the ​rightdecision. Spend the ​money as you ​see fit.

fit adjective (ATTRACTIVE)

UK slang sexuallyattractive: I ​met this really fit ​bloke in a ​club last ​night.


uk   us   /fɪt/

fit noun (ILLNESS)

[C] a ​suddenattack of ​illness when someone cannot ​controltheirmovements and ​becomesunconscious: an ​epileptic fit He had a fit at ​work and ​collapsed.

fit noun (SHORT PERIOD)

[C] a ​sudden, ​uncontrolledperiod of doing something or ​feeling something: a ​coughing/​sneezing fit She ​hit him in a fit ofanger.

fit noun (CORRECT SIZE)

[S] the way that something fits: These ​shoes are a ​perfect fit. The ​trousers were a good fit but the ​jacket was too ​small. Check the fit of the ​pieces before ​gluing them in ​place.
(Definition of fit from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "fit" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /fɪt/ (present participle fitting, past tense and past participle fitted or fit)

fit verb (CORRECT SIZE)

[I/T] to be the ​rightsize or ​shape for someone or something: [T] The ​jacket fits you ​perfectly. [I] The ​refrigerator won’t fit in ​ourkitchen.

fit verb (SUIT)

[T] to be ​suitable for someone or something: The ​job fits him well.

fitadjective [-er/-est only]

 us   /fɪt/ (-tt-)

fit adjective [-er/-est only] (HEALTHY)

in good ​health, esp. as a ​result of ​exercise; ​strong: You ​look fit.

fit adjective [-er/-est only] (SUIT)

suitable for someone or something: She’s not fit to be ​treasurer.


 us   /fɪt/

fit noun (BRIEF PERIOD)

[C] a ​sudden, ​briefperiod when something ​happens that is beyond ​yourcontrol: a ​coughing/​sneezing fit Epilepsy can ​causesevere fits (= ​suddenmusclemovements that you cannot ​control).


[C] an ​experience of a ​strongemotion or ​reaction: a fit of ​laughter/jealousy [C] A fit can be a ​feeling or ​expression of ​greatanger: Yourmother will have/​throw a fit when she ​sees this ​mess.

fit noun (CORRECT SIZE)

[U] the ​rightsize or ​shape for someone or something: These ​shoes are a ​perfect/​terrible fit.
(Definition of fit from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "fit" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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uk   us   /fɪt/ (fitting, fitted, US usually fit)
[I or T] to be the ​rightsize or ​shape for someone or something: Their ​trainedstaff can take one ​look at your ​figure and tell you which ​brand of jeans is most likely to fit in/into The ​device is ​small enough to fit into a shirt ​pocket.
[T] to ​add a ​piece of ​equipment to something else: Some ​insurancefirmsofferlowerpremiums to ​people who fit ​security locks and sth on/onto/to sth You can ​claimmoney for having ​solarcells fitted on your ​ sth with sth The ​vehicle may be fitted with a ​satellitetrackingsystem.
[T] to be suitable for someone or something: You ​adjust your ​strategy to fit the ​business realities. Her new role fits her well. What alternatives fit the ​needs of the ​corporation and ​provide the best ​solution?
[I + adv/prep] if two or more things fit, or if one thing fits with another, they ​suit each other well: fit together The ​organization and the ​people must fit with sth We ​selectindividuals who are most likely to fit with the firm's ​culture.
[T] mainly UK to make someone or something suitable for something: fit sb/sth for sth How do you ​think your ​career to ​date has fitted you for this particular ​job?fit sb/sth to do sth Academic ​qualifications alone do not fit a ​person to become a good ​manager.
fit the bill to be suitable for a particular ​purpose: Some ​travelpolicies don't fit the ​bill, because they ​limit the ​amount of ​time you can ​spend abroad.
Phrasal verbs

fitnoun [S]

uk   us   /fɪt/
the way in which two or more things ​suit each other or ​work together: The two ​banks are a perfect fit.a fit with sth This role is a great fit with my ​experience in Asia.a fit between sth and sth There must be a fit between the ​environment and the ​organization.a fit for sth A ​financialproduct must be a good fit for the client's particular ​needs and aspirations.
the way that something such as a ​piece of ​clothing fits: Testers loved the comfortable fit of the armholes.
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uk   us   /fɪt/
suitable for a particular ​purpose or ​activity: be fit for sth The Seller gives no ​undertaking that the ​goods are fit for any particular ​purpose.
fit for human consumption of a good enough ​quality to be eaten by ​people: Companies and ​consumersbought the poultry, believing it fit for ​humanconsumption.
fit for purpose if something is fit for ​purpose, it does what it is intended to do: I have ​spent a lot of my ​time making this ​organization fit for ​purpose.
(Definition of fit from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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