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uk /fɪks/ us /fɪks/

fix verb (REPAIR)

B1 [ T ] to repair something:

They couldn't fix my old computer, so I bought a new one.

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fix verb (ARRANGE)

B2 [ I or T ] mainly UK to arrange or agree a time, place, price, etc.:

Shall we fix a time for our next meeting?
I understand the rent is fixed at £750 a month.

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fix verb (FASTEN)

B2 [ T + adv/prep ] to fasten something in position so that it cannot move:

We fixed the bookcase to the wall.

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fix verb (CHEAT)

[ T often passive ] to do something dishonest to make certain that a competition, race, or election is won by a particular person:

Several jockeys were arrested on suspicion of fixing the race.
It sounds like the election was fixed.

fix verb (PREPARE)

B2 mainly US informal [ T ] to cook or prepare food or drink:

Whose turn is it to fix dinner?
[ + two objects ] Can I fix you a drink?/Can I fix a drink for you?
be fixing to

US to be planning to do something:

I'm fixing to leave pretty soon.

fix verb (PUNISH)

[ T ] UK slang to punish especially someone who has been unfair:

I'm gonna fix her if she doesn't stop telling lies about me!

fix verb (DRUG)

[ I ] slang to inject (= put into the body through a needle) an illegal drug:

We saw kids as young as twelve fixing in doorways.

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uk /fɪks/ us /fɪks/

fix noun (SOLUTION)

a solution to a problem:

She says the problem is not a new one, and the fix would be easy enough for a government to achieve, if it were willing.
There is no quick fix to the organization's problems.

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fixverb [ T ]

us /fɪks/

fix verb [ T ] (REPAIR)

to repair or adjust something:

I’ll fix that broken chair today.

fix verb [ T ] (ARRANGE)

to arrange or put in place:

I need to fix my hair.

To fix something such as a race or game or an election is to illegally arrange who will win.

fix verb [ T ] (CHOOSE)

to choose a time or place to do something:

Let’s fix a date for our next meeting.

fix verb [ T ] (ATTACH)

to attach in order to keep in one place:

Fix the shelf to the wall with screws.
I tried to fix the directions in my mind.

fix verb [ T ] (PUNISH)

to hurt or punish someone:

I’ll fix you if you come around here taking vegetables from my garden again!

fix verb [ T ] (PREPARE FOOD)

to cook or prepare food or drink:

Will you fix dinner?

fix verb [ T ] (STOP REPRODUCTION)

to remove an organ an animal needs to reproduce:

We had our cat fixed.


us /fɪks/

fix noun (BAD SITUATION)

[ C usually sing ] a situation causing trouble or problems:

He’s in a fix and needs our help.

fix noun (AMOUNT)

[ C ] slang an amount of a something that someone needs:

The website supplies me my daily fix of rock and roll facts.

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fixverb [ T ]

uk /fɪks/ us

to repair something or solve a problem:

They have fixed the bugs in the software.
A restaurant would have 48 hours to fix the problem or the place could be shut down.

mainly UK also fix up MEETINGS to arrange a time and place for an event such as a meeting:

You should fix an appointment with your bank manager.
I fixed up a meeting with this very powerful person at the BBC.
fix a day/time/place (for sth) The court will fix another day for the hearing.

to agree on a price, level, etc. for something and keep it at that price or level:

Customers can fix the amount they pay each month.
fix sth at sth They fixed the rate of tax at 30%.

ECONOMICS to agree with other companies that you will all charge the same price for your products and not compete with each other:

Steelmakers deny they fix prices.

fixnoun [ C ]

uk /fɪks/ us

a way of solving a problem, especially an easy or quick one:

long-term/short-term fix We find short-term fixes, not long-term solutions.
a fix for sth More and more people were using loans as a fix for their financial problems.
There is no quick fix and it will take many months to re-establish profitable sales growth.

IT a small computer program that can repair a problem with software:

a fix for sth The software developer says it has developed a fix for the problem.

a situation that has been dishonestly arranged by someone in order to get an advantage for themselves:

When we won the contract, some people thought it was a fix.

ECONOMICS a price, for example, on gold or silver, that is set according to supply and demand:

The London morning gold fix was $1,154.00 versus the previous afternoon fix of $1,139.50.
get a fix on sth

to understand what a situation is like:

Market research helps to get a fix on what customers want.

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