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us /flɑp/ -pp-

flop verb (FALL)

[ I always + adv/prep ] to fall or drop heavily:

A newborn baby’s head flops backward if you don’t support it.

flop verb (FAIL)

[ I ] infml to fail:

Her first book flopped, but her second became a bestseller.


us /flɑp/

flop noun (FAILURE)

[ C usually sing ] infml a failure:

The movie was a complete flop.

flop noun (FALL)

[ U ] a heavy drop or fall:

He fell with a flop on the bed.

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flop en inglés de negocios

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flopnoun [ C ]

uk /flɒp/ us informal

an unsuccessful product, plan, etc.:

The film was the first commercial flop of the director's career.
The plan to create a separate internet subsidiary proved a flop.
a complete/total/expensive flop The new mobile technology turned out to be an expensive flop.

flopverb [ T ]

uk /flɒp/ us informal

to be unsuccessful:

Many of the big internet companies in the US have flopped badly in China.

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