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uk /flʌʃ/ us /flʌʃ/

flush verb (BECOME RED)

[ I ] When you flush, you become red in the face, especially as a result of strong emotions, heat, or alcohol:

She flushed with pleasure as she accepted the prize.
The champagne had caused his face to flush.

flush verb (TOILET)

[ I or T ] If you flush a toilet, or if a toilet flushes, its contents empty and it fills with water again:

My children never flush the toilet after them.
I can't get the toilet to flush.
flush sth down the toilet

to get rid of something by putting it in the toilet and operating the toilet:

I tend to flush old medicines down the toilet.


uk /flʌʃ/ us /flʌʃ/


uk /flʌʃ/ us /flʌʃ/

flush noun (SUDDEN FEELING)

a flush of anger, excitement, pleasure, etc.

(Definición de flush del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

flush en inglés americano

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us /flʌʃ/

flush verb (BECOME RED)

[ I ] (of a person) to become red in the face:

The force of the adrenaline-filled blood rushing through your body causes you to flush.

flush verb (EMPTY)

[ I/T ] to operate a toilet after it has been used by pressing a handle or button, or (of a toilet) to operate in this way:

[ T ] Flush the toilet before you clean it.
[ I ] I can’t get the toilet to flush.

flushadjective, adverb

us /flʌʃ/

flush adjective, adverb (LEVEL)

on the same level so that no part is higher or lower or sticks out more than another:

The sprinklers are mounted flush with the ceiling.


us /flʌʃ/ infml

flush adjective (RICH)

having a lot of money:

The organization is not as flush as it once was.


us /flʌʃ/

flush noun (TOILET)

[ C ] the act of operating a toilet by pressing a handle or button:

The toilet tank empties during a flush.

flush noun (RED COLOR)

[ C usually sing ] a reddish color on a person's face:

a flush of embarrassment

flush noun (CARD GAMES)

[ C ] a number of playing cards held by one player that are all from the same suit (= type)

(Definición de flush del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

flush en inglés de negocios

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uk /flʌʃ/ us informal

having a lot of money to spend at a particular time:

A flush economy means there's more money for people to invest in property.
If you're feeling flush you can always pay a bit more off your debt each month.
be flush with cash/money Firms are flush with cash and investing more.
be/feel flush with success/optimism, etc.

to be very successful, have a lot of hope for the future, etc.:

A rise in the price of corn means that many farmers are feeling flush with optimism.

(Definición de flush del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)