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flyer en inglés americano

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flyernoun [ C ]

us /ˈflɑɪ·ər/

flyer noun [ C ] (PAPER)

a flier

flyer noun [ C ] (PERSON ON AIRCRAFT)

also flier a person who operates an aircraft or travels on one as a passenger

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flyer en inglés de negocios

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flyernoun [ C ]

also flier uk /ˈflaɪər/ us

MARKETING a small piece of paper advertising a product or event, which is given to a lot of people:

distribute/hand out/pass out flyers Her job is to hand out flyers for the club on street corners.

TRANSPORT a person who travels by plane:

business/executive flyers The company's strategy of concentrating on high-margin business flyers is beginning to pay off.
Regular flyers can take advantage of additional benefits such as free flights and extra baggage allowance.

TRANSPORT, COMMERCE a company that operates regular services carrying passengers by plane:

a low-cost/no-frills flyer Stiff competition from rival low-cost flyers forced down fares.
take a flyer (on sb/sth) informal

to take a risk by doing something that could have good or bad results:

Despite his belief in the efficiency of markets, he would occasionally take a flyer on a company's shares.

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