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focus (sth) on sb/sth

phrasal verb with focus uk /ˈfəʊ.kəs/ us /ˈfoʊ.kəs/ verb -s-

B2 to give a lot of attention to one particular person, subject, or thing:

Tonight's programme focuses on the way that homelessness affects the young.
When the kitchen is finished I'm going to focus my attention on the back yard and get that straightened out.

Más ejemplos

  • It's important to focus on your strengths and to minimize your weaknesses.
  • At the twiddle of a knob the operators can focus on a tiny amount of airspace or scan the whole area.
  • The final status negotiations would focus on the core issues of the peace process.
  • We need to get away from generalities and focus on the issues.
  • Each unit of the course book focuses on a different grammar point.

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