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folk en inglés británico

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uk /fəʊk/ us /foʊk/

folk noun (PEOPLE)

B2 [ plural ] mainly UK US usually folks people, especially those of a particular group or type:

old folk
Ordinary folk can't afford cars like that.
folks [ plural ]

[ as form of address ] informal used when speaking informally to a group of people:

All right, folks, dinner's ready!

B2 someone's parents:

I'm going home to see my folks.

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folk noun (MUSIC)

B1 [ U ] modern music and songs that are written in a style similar to that of traditional music:

I enjoy listening to folk (music).
folk singers
a folk club/festival

folkadjective [ before noun ]

uk /fəʊk/ us /foʊk/

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folk en inglés americano

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folkadjective [ not gradable ]

us /foʊk/

traditional to or typical of the people of a particular group or country:

folk art/dance

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