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foraynoun [ C ]

us /ˈfɔr·eɪ, ˈfoʊr-/

a brief attempt at or involvement in an activity outside a person’s or organization’s usual range of activities:

The opera company has made curious forays into contemporary music in recent seasons.

A foray is also a sudden and quick attack by a group of soldiers on an enemy area.

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foray en inglés de negocios

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foraynoun [ C ]

uk /ˈfɒreɪ/ us

a short involvement in an activity, an area, or a market that is different from a person or company's usual one:

a foray into sth This is the company's first foray into the US market.
The supermarket has made a foray into the financial services market.
a brief/disastrous/successful foray

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