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foreign aidnoun [ U ]

uk /ˌfɒr.ən ˈeɪd/ us /ˌfɔːr.ən ˈeɪd/

Examples from literature

  • Furthermore, the money that government takes away from us for foreign aid is used to subsidize our political enemies and economic competitors abroad. 
  • Meanwhile this country has continued to bear more than its share of the West's military and foreign aid obligations. 
  • No one can doubt or deny that the interest of various Governments, and the sense of justice among nations, gave the Poles a right to expect foreign aid. 
  • Our foreign aid does grievous harm to the American people by burdening them with excessive taxation, thus making it difficult for them to expand their own economy. 
  • The basic argument for foreign aid is that by helping the underdeveloped nations develop, we will keep them from falling under the dictatorship of communism. 

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foreign aid en inglés de negocios

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foreign aidnoun [ U ]


help that is given by a richer country to a poorer one, usually in the form of money or food:

Rich countries are cutting back on foreign aid as they trim large budget deficits.

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