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freak en inglés británico

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uk /friːk/ us /friːk/

freakverb [ I or T ]

uk /friːk/ us /friːk/ informal

freakadjective [ before noun ]

uk /friːk/ us /friːk/

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freak en inglés americano

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freakadjective [ not gradable ]

us /frik/ also freakish, /ˈfri·kɪʃ/

freak adjective [ not gradable ] (UNUSUAL)

extremely unusual or unlikely:

She died in a freak automobile accident.
A freak midsummer hailstorm caught us all by surprise.

freaknoun [ C ]

us /frik/

freak noun [ C ] (ENTHUSIAST)

infml a person who is enthusiastic about the stated thing:

My eight-year-old grandson is a real sports freak.
This guy is a control freak (= wants to control everything).

freak noun [ C ] (UNUSUAL PERSON/THING)

someone or something that is strange or unusual and not like others of its type:

In my school, everyone thought you were some kind of freak if you didn’t like sports.

(Definición de freak del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)