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free fall en inglés americano

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free fallnoun [ U ]

/ˈfri ˌfɔl/

free fall noun [ U ] (FALL)

physics a fast fall from a great height under the influence of gravity (= the natural force that attracts things toward the earth) without any other force acting to reduce speed:

The parachutists are briefly in free fall before opening their parachutes.

free fall noun [ U ] (LOSS)

a sudden, fast loss, for example in price, popularity, or value:

The government had to act to keep the dollar from going into free fall against other currencies.

(Definición de free fall del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

free fall en inglés de negocios

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free fallnoun [ S or U ]

also free-fall uk us

a sudden failure or loss of value that you are unable to stop and which continues to get worse:

go into (a) free fall The stock market went into free fall, plummeting an additional 27%.
be in (a) free fall Profits are in free fall, with second-quarter earnings down 80% from last year.

(Definición de free fall del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)