Significado de “fret” - en el Diccionario Inglés

fretverb [ I ]

uk /fret/ us /fret/ -tt-

fretnoun [ C ]

uk /fret/ us /fret/
adjective uk /ˈfret.ɪd/ us /ˈfret̬.ɪd/

Guitars and lutes are fretted musical instruments.

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fretverb [ I ]

us /fret/ -tt-

fret verb [ I ] (WORRY)

to worry or be unhappy about something:

Don’t fret – I’m sure we’ll find the kitten.
adjective us /ˈfret·fəl/

She fell into a fretful sleep.

fretnoun [ C ]

us /fret/

fret noun [ C ] (RAISED BAR)

a thin, slightly raised metal bar, several of which are positioned across the neck (= long, narrow part) of some musical instruments, such as a guitar

(Definición de fret del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)