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uk /ˈfrɒl.ɪk.səm/ us /ˈfrɑː.lɪk.səm/ literary

Examples from literature

  • For though he is lively and sometimes frolicsome, his manners are always good. 
  • Jean led his flock home at eventide, white sheep and black sheep and frolicsome lambs, not one was missing. 
  • The brave young minister became as frolicsome as a schoolboy. 
  • The son of a Spanish captain, of good family, his buoyant spirit and frolicsome humor led him into many wild escapades while still a boy. 
  • Their college year had just closed, and they were like frolicsome colts turned out to pasture. 

(Definición de frolicsome del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

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