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froth en inglés británico

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frothnoun [ U ]

uk /frɒθ/ us /frɑːθ/

froth noun [ U ] (BUBBLES)

small, white bubbles on the surface of a liquid:

I like the froth on the top of the coffee.

frothverb [ I or T ]

uk /frɒθ/ us /frɑːθ/

to (cause a liquid to) have or produce a lot of small bubbles that often rise to the surface:

The waves frothed as they crashed onto the beach.
When she opened and bottle of soda, it frothed up and spilled all over the table.
froth at the mouth

If a person or animal froths at the mouth, a mass of small bubbles appears from their mouth as the result of a disease.

informal to be extremely angry

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froth en inglés americano

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frothnoun [ U ]

us /frɔθ/

a mass of small bubbles, esp. on the surface of a liquid

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