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uk /ˈfrəʊ.zən/ us /ˈfroʊ.zən/


uk /ˈfrəʊ.zən/ us /ˈfroʊ.zən/

B1 (of water) turned into ice, or (of food) preserved by freezing:

They skated over the frozen lake.
We don't have any fresh vegetables, only frozen peas.

B1 If a person, or a part of their body is frozen, they are very cold:

I'm frozen - could you close the window?
After walking through the snow, my feet were frozen stiff.

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frozen en inglés americano

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us /ˈfroʊ·zən/

past participle of freeze

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frozen en inglés de negocios

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uk /ˈfrəʊzən/ us

when food is frozen, it is stored at a very low temperature in order to keep it fresh:

He started a business that supplied frozen food to caterers.

FINANCE when a bank account, etc. is frozen, it is not able to be used because of a government or court order:

Court bailiffs have ordered that the company's bank accounts be frozen while the fraud charge is investigated.

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