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fruit en inglés británico

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uk /fruːt/ us /fruːt/

fruit noun (PLANT PART)

A1 [ C or U ] the soft part containing seeds that is produced by a plant. Many types of fruit are sweet and can be eaten:

Apricots are the one fruit I don't like.
Oranges, apples, pears, and bananas are all types of fruit.
Would you like some fruit for dessert?
The cherry tree in our garden is in fruit (= it has fruit growing on it).
I like exotic fruit, like mangoes and papayas.
How many pieces of fresh fruit do you eat in a day?
fruit trees
He runs a fruit and vegetable stall in the market.

[ C ] specialized biology the part of any plant that holds the seeds

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fruit noun (PERSON)

[ C ] slang a gay man. Many people consider this word offensive.

fruitverb [ I ]

uk /fruːt/ us /fruːt/ specialized

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fruit en inglés americano

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us /frut/

fruit noun (PLANT PART)

[ C/U ] an edible and usually sweet product of a plant or tree that contains seeds or a pit (= large hard seed):

[ C ] We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables at our house.
[ U ] I usually eat a piece of fresh fruit with my lunch.

biology [ C/U ] Fruit is also the part of a plant that contains the seed from which a new plant can grow.

fruit noun (RESULT)

[ C usually pl ] the result of work or actions, esp. if pleasant or successful:

The fruits of economic growth are starting to make a difference in the lives of many workers.

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