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fur en inglés británico

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uk /fɜːr/ us /fɝː/

furverb [ I ]

uk /fɜːr/ us /fɝː/ -rr- UK

If water pipes, kettles, etc. fur, a hard grey substance forms on the inside:

Over the years, the pipes in our house have slowly furred (up).

also fur up If someone's arteries (= tubes that carry blood from your heart) fur, or something furs them, they become slightly blocked:

Eating too much fat furs up your arteries which slows down the flow of blood.

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fur en inglés americano

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furnoun [ C/U ]

us /fɜr/

the soft, thick hair that covers the bodies of some animals, or the hair-covered skin of animals, removed from their bodies:

[ U ] Persian cats have long fur.
[ U ] My jacket is lined with fur.
[ C ] She wore diamonds and furs and always looked glamorous.

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