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furnish en inglés americano

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furnishverb [ T ]

us /ˈfɜr·nɪʃ/

furnish verb [ T ] (ADD FURNITURE)

to put furniture in a place:

They furnished their home with antiques.

furnish verb [ T ] (SUPPLY)

to supply or provide something needed:

Jeanne’s catering company furnished all the food for the party.

(Definición de furnish del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

furnish en inglés de negocios

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furnishverb [ T ]

uk /ˈfɜːnɪʃ/ us formal

to provide something:

furnish information/details
furnish sb with sth We aim to furnish our business customers with all their IP solutions.
furnish sth to sb The fund may include information on its investment results in reports furnished to present or prospective shareholders.

PROPERTY to put furniture in an office, building, etc.:

renovation and furnishing costs
The apartment was sold fully furnished for $1.3 million.

(Definición de furnish del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)