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uk /ˈfɜː.ðər/ us /ˈfɝː.ðɚ/

B1 comparative of far : to a greater distance or degree, or at a more advanced level:

I never got further than the first five pages of "Ulysses".
We discussed the problem but we didn't get much further in actually solving it.
The whole matter is further complicated by the fact that Amanda and Jo refuse to speak to each other.
Every day she sinks further and further into depression.
go further/take sth further

If you go or take something further, you take it to a more advanced stage:

Before we go any further with the project, I think we should make sure that there's enough money to fund it.
If you wish to take the matter further, you can file charges against him.

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uk /ˈfɜː.ðər/ us /ˈfɝː.ðɚ/

furtheradjective, adverb

uk /ˈfɜː.ðər/ us /ˈfɝː.ðɚ/

A2 more or extra:

Have you anything further to add?
If you have any further problems, let me know.
It cost me £50 a day and a further £60 for insurance.
This shop will be closed until further notice.
We need to talk further about this.
further to mainly UK formal

used in business letters to refer to an earlier letter, conversation, meeting, etc.:

Further to your letter of 11 March, I should like to inform you of a number of recent developments regarding the Saffron Hill site.

furtherverb [ T ]

uk /ˈfɜː.ðər/ us /ˈfɝː.ðɚ/

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further en inglés americano

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furtheradjective, adverb

us /ˈfɜr·ðər/

further adjective, adverb (MORE)

more, extra, or additional; comparative offar :

Call your local library for further information.
To further complicate things, I locked my keys in the car.
Not only did I arrive at my conclusions after careful thought, I took a further step and tested them.

further adjective, adverb (GREATER DISTANCE)

to a greater distance in space or time; comparative offar :

I can’t run any further.
Read a little further and it will begin to make sense.

furtherverb [ T ]

us /ˈfɜr·ðər/

further verb [ T ] (ENCOURAGE)

to help something to succeed; to advance something:

She says the money would be a great help in furthering their cause.

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Nothing could be further from the truth.
We must go further.
We must go much further, much further than mere cooperation with development, which, by definition, is an unfair form of cooperation.
In its current form, the adopted text further reduces the minimum level of protection provided under the 1998 directive on bio-patents.
I just want to emphasise this further.
A large majority of the committee went along with the rapporteur, and the vote today allows us to take that decision further in a consistent way.
The fisheries sector is facing many problems, so research and scientific support work are powerful tools for the further sustainable development of this sector.
With increasing consumption rates, the depletion of fossil fuels is becoming inevitable and we should therefore increase investment in further research and in the development of sustainable transportation.
Also, it must be said that this approach is further eroding the intervention system and, as with other products, it will apparently be abolished altogether for cereals.
I would particularly like to focus my comments on the issues raised by this report on the further harmonisation of private law.