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Significado de “future” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "future" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /ˈfjuː.tʃər/  us   /-tʃɚ/

future noun (TIME TO COME)

the future [S]
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B1 a ​period of ​time that is to come: Sometimes I ​worry about the future. I ​wonder what the future holds for (= what will ​happen to) you and me. I'm ​sure at some ​point in the future I'll ​want a ​baby. We need to ​plan for the future. Do you ​plan to ​leave New York in the distant future or the near future? I can ​see those two getting ​married in the not too ​distant future (= ​quitesoon). A2 language the ​form of a ​verb that you use when ​talking about something that will ​happen or ​exist: In the ​sentence "He will ​study" the ​verb phrase "will ​study" is in the future.
C2 [C] what will ​happen to someone or something in the ​time that is to come: Torn ​apart by ​war, ​itseconomyvirtuallydestroyed, this ​country now ​faces a very uncertain future. She's a very ​talentedyoungsinger, Mike, and I ​personallythink she's got a great future ​ahead of her! The future isn't ​looking too ​rosy for these ​companies.B1 [S or U] the ​chance of ​continuingsuccess or ​existence for something: With ​fallingaudiences, the future of this ​theatre is in ​doubt.in future mainly UK (US usually in the future) B1 used at the ​beginning or end of a ​sentence in which there is a ​decision about a ​plan of ​action or a ​warning: Could you be more ​careful in future? In future I won't ​botherasking him out ​anywhere if he's just going to ​complain that he's ​bored! In future I'm going to ​check every ​singlepiece of ​work that you do!

future noun (MONEY)

futures [plural] agreements for the ​buying and ​selling of ​goods, in which the ​price is ​agreed before a ​particular future ​time at which the ​goods will be ​provided: the futures ​market She ​works in futures.

futureadjective [before noun]

uk   /ˈfjuː.tʃər/  us   /-tʃɚ/
B1 happening or ​existing in the future: Of ​course we'll ​keep you up to ​date about any future ​developments. There's an ​oldsuperstition that ​younggirls going to ​bed on this ​nightdream of ​their future ​husbands. language The future ​form of a ​verb is used when ​talking about something that will ​happen or ​exist: How do you say that in the future tense?for future reference used when you ​tell someone something so that it will be ​known about and can be used in the future: For future ​reference, could you use the ​headedpaper for any ​correspondence that ​leaves this ​office? in ​order to be used or ​looked at some ​time in the future: I ​filed the ​documents away for future ​reference.
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Significado de "future" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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futurenoun [C/U]

 us   /ˈfju·tʃər/

future noun [C/U] (TIME)

time which is to come, or something that will ​happen or ​existlater: [U] What are ​yourplans for the future? [U] We ​hope to ​buy a ​house in the ​foreseeable future. [C] He ​faces an ​uncertain future. [U] I really don’t ​expect any ​change in the near future. I’ll be ​sure to ​observe the ​speedlimit in the future (= the next ​time).

future noun [C/U] (CONDITION)

the ​conditions for ​success: [U] In 1903, Ford ​realized that the future of ​automobileslay in making them ​faster and ​cheaper. [C usually sing] Candidates always ​promise a ​brighter future for ​Americans.

futureadjective [not gradable]

 us   /ˈfju·tʃər/

future adjective [not gradable] (GRAMMAR)

grammar having the ​tense of the ​verb used to ​describeactions, ​events, or ​states that will ​happen or ​existlater: In the ​sentence, "Who will ​look after the ​dog?", the phrase "will ​look" is in the future ​tense.

future adjective [not gradable] (TIME)

happening or ​existinglater or in the future: She was ​aware that her writings might ​speak to future ​generations of ​AfricanAmericans.
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