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g en inglés británico

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uk /dʒiː/ us /dʒiː/

g noun (FORCE)

[ C ] plural g specialized physics a unit of measurement of the acceleration (= rate of change of speed) of an object caused by gravity

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g en inglés americano

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abbreviation for gram


us /dʒi/

G noun (LETTER)

[ C ] plural G’s, Gs, g’s or gs also g the seventh letter of the English alphabet

G noun (FORCE)

physics [ C ] plural G’s or Gs a unit of measure that is equal to the force of gravity at the surface of the earth


us /dʒi/

G adjective (MOVIE)

abbreviation for general

Note: Used in the US for movies considered suitable for all people, including children of any age.

abbreviation for grand

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G en inglés de negocios

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Gnoun [ C ]

uk us plural Gs, or G's informal MONEY

abbreviation for grand



written abbreviation for gram

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