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Significado de “game” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "game" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   us   /ɡeɪm/
  • game noun (FUN ACTIVITY/SPORT)

A1 [C] an ​entertainingactivity or ​sport, ​especially one ​played by ​children, or the ​equipmentneeded for such an ​activity: a ​board game indoor/​computer games The ​childrenplayed a game ofcops and ​robbers. I told the ​children to put ​theirtoys and games away.
A2 [C] a ​particularcompetition, ​match, or ​occasion when ​peopleplay a game: a game ofchess/​tennis/​baseball
[C] one ​part of a ​competition in ​activities such as ​tennis: I ​won the first game, and then ​lost the next two.
games [plural]
UK (also physical education, PE) organizedsportsactivities that ​children do at ​school: the games ​teacher It's games this ​afternoon.
an ​organizedcompetition consisting of several different ​sportsevents: the ​Olympic/​Commonwealth Games
[U] the way in which a ​personplays a ​particularsport: Susan is ​playinggolf every ​day to ​try to ​improve her game.
[S] something that is not ​treatedseriously: Love is just a game to him.

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  • game noun (ACTIVITY)

[S] informal an ​illegal or ​secretactivity
[S] old-fashioned informal a ​type of ​businessactivity: I'm in the ​stocks and ​shares game.
on the game
UK informal working as a prostitute: She went on the game to ​pay for her ​drughabit.
US informal involved in ​illegalactivities


uk   us   /ɡeɪm/
adverb uk   us   /-li/
"I'll take ​care of the ​baby," he said gamely (= ​bravely).
(Definition of game from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "game" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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 us   /ɡeɪm/
  • game noun (ENTERTAINMENT)

[C] an ​entertainingactivity, esp. one ​played by ​children, or a ​sportscompetition: a ​baseball/​basketball/​football/​soccer game The ​kids are ​playing a ​computer game. I told the ​children to put away ​theirtoys and games (= ​equipment for an ​entertainingactivity). Search ​dogs do an ​importantjob, but it’s just a game to the ​dog (= something that is done for ​fun). Not ​telling the ​wholetruth is one of the games that ​peopleplay (= one of the ​ways in which they ​behave in ​order to get an ​advantage).
[C] In some ​activities such as ​tennis, a game is one ​part of a ​competition: I’m ​ahead, 3 games to 2.
  • game noun (ANIMALS)

[U] wildanimals and ​birds that are ​hunted for ​food or ​sport: Deer and ​pheasant are ​types of game.


 us   /ɡeɪm/
  • game adjective (WILLING)

willing to do something, esp something different, new, or ​slightlydangerous: The ​ocean water’s ​cold but I’m going in ​anyway – are you game?
(Definition of game from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "game" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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gamenoun [S]

uk   us   /ɡeɪm/ informal
a particular ​type of ​businessactivity: I'm in the ​stocks and ​shares game.
be ahead of the game
to know more about what is ​happening in a particular ​area of ​business than the ​people or ​companies you are ​competing against: Our ​research and ​developmentprogram ensures that we're ​ahead of the game.
be new to the/this game informal
to be involved in an ​activity or ​situation that you have not ​experienced before: The ​company is new to the ​politicaladvertising game.
the game is up
used to tell someone that you know what their ​secretactivities or ​plans are and that they cannot continue: It is a characteristic of disgraced ​businessleaders that they can never quite ​accept that the game is up.
(Definition of game from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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