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uk /ˈɡæð.ər/ us /ˈɡæð.ɚ/

gather verb (COLLECT)

B2 [ T ] to collect several things, often from different places or people:

I went to several libraries to gather information about the plans.
We gathered blueberries from the bushes.
She gathered up the newspapers that were scattered around the floor.
We gathered our things together and left quickly.

[ T + adv/prep ] to put your arms around someone and hold or carry them in a careful or loving way:

He gathered her in his arms and kissed her.
She gathered the children up and hurried into the house.
gather speed, strength, momentum, etc.

C1 to become faster, stronger, etc.:

The bicycle gathered speed as it went down the hill.
Economic recovery is gathering pace.
gather (up) strength/courage

to prepare to make a great effort to be strong or brave:

I spent a week gathering the courage to say no.

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gather verb (COME TOGETHER)

B2 [ I ] When people or animals gather, they come together in a group:

A crowd had gathered to hear her speak.
Gather round, children, and I'll tell you a story.

[ I ] literary to get thicker and closer:

Storm clouds were gathering.

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gather verb (UNDERSTAND)

C1 [ T ] to understand or believe something as a result of something that has been said or done:

Harry loves his new job, I gather.
From what I can gather, they're old school friends.

gather verb (CLOTH)

[ T ] to pull cloth into small folds by sewing a thread through it and then pulling the thread tight:

a gathered skirt

[ T ] If you gather a piece of clothing or loose cloth around yourself, you pull it close to your body:

She shivered, and gathered the blanket around her.


gathernoun [ C usually plural ]

uk /ˈɡæð.ər/ us /ˈɡæð.ɚ/

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gather verb (COLLECT)

us /ˈɡæð·ər/ [ T ] to collect or obtain things, esp. from different places:

I went to several libraries to gather information.
We gathered blackberries from the nearby fields.
gathers momentum/speed

If something gathers momentum/speed, it gradually becomes faster or stronger:

Pressure for reform of the health-care system is gathering momentum.

gather verb (COME TOGETHER)

us /ˈɡæð·ər/ [ I ] (of people or animals) to come together in a group:

A crowd gathered to hear her speak.

gather verb (UNDERSTAND)

us /ˈɡæð·ər/ fml to understand or believe something as a result of something that has been said or done:

[ + (that) clause ] From the look on their faces, she gathered (that) they were annoyed with her.


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