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uk /ˈdʒen.ə r.əl.i/ us /ˈdʒen.ə r.əl.i/

B2 considering the whole of someone or something, and not just a particular part of him, her, or it:

Your health is generally good, but you do have a few minor problems.
He wants more money to be given to the arts generally.
I shall now develop my previous point more generally (= to say more about what it includes).

B1 usually, or in most situations:

The baby generally wakes up three times during the night.
Well, generally speaking (= in most situations), it's quicker on public transport.

B2 by most people, or to most people:

It was generally believed at the time that both men were guilty.
The proposal has received a generally favourable reaction.

Más ejemplos

  • Lack of experience will generally count against you in an interview.
  • In my experience, people generally smile back if you smile at them.
  • Vegetables are generally low in calories.
  • You get the odd person who's rude to you but they're generally quite helpful.
  • This disease doesn't generally respond to treatment.

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generally en inglés americano

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us /ˈdʒen·rə·li, -ə·rə·li/

in a way that includes most people, things, or conditions, or most of the time:

It was generally believed at the time that both men were guilty.
The baby generally (= usually) wakes up twice during the night.

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