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geniusnoun [ C or U ]

uk /ˈdʒiː.ni.əs/ us /ˈdʒiː.ni.əs/ plural geniuses

C1 very great and rare natural ability or skill, especially in a particular area such as science or art, or a person who has this:

Einstein was a (mathematical) genius.
From the age of three, she showed signs of genius.
It was such a brilliant idea - a real stroke of genius.
evil genius literary

a person who has a strong bad influence over other people:

The film was about an evil genius who wanted to control the world.
have a genius for sth

to be especially skilled at a particular activity:

She has a genius for raising money.

Más ejemplos

  • The idea came to her in a flash of genius.
  • Steve can solve anything - the man's a genius.
  • Historians generally acknowledge her as a genius in her field.
  • Although this painting clearly bears the stamp of genius, we don't know who painted it.
  • Using a sailing ship as the company badge was a touch of genius.

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