Significado de “glow” - en el Diccionario Inglés

glowverb [ I ]

uk /ɡləʊ/ us /ɡloʊ/

C2 to produce a continuous light and sometimes heat:

A nightlight glowed dimly in the corner of the children's bedroom.
This substance is so radioactive that it glows in the dark.

C2 to look attractive because you are happy or healthy, especially with eyes that are shining:

The children's faces were glowing with excitement.
They came back from their week at the beach, glowing with health.
be glowing

UK to be hot or red from exercising:

When we got back from our walk in the snow, my whole body was glowing.

glownoun [ S ]

uk /ɡləʊ/ us /ɡloʊ/

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glownoun [ U ]

us /ɡloʊ/

glow noun [ U ] (LIGHT)

continuous light, esp. light from something that is heated:

the glow of embers from a fire

glow noun [ U ] (LOOK)

a red or warm look:

Her face has a natural, healthy glow.

A glow is also a positive feeling:

The glow of romance seemed to have worn off.

glowverb [ I ]


glow verb [ I ] (LIGHT)

to shine with a continuous light:

A nightlight glowed dimly in the bedroom.

glow verb [ I ] (LOOK)

to have a red or warm look on the skin:

His cheeks glowed after the workout.

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