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grit en inglés británico

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gritnoun [ U ]

uk /ɡrɪt/ us /ɡrɪt/

gritverb [ T ]

uk /ɡrɪt/ us /ɡrɪt/ -tt-

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grit en inglés americano

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gritnoun [ U ]

us /ɡrɪt/

grit noun [ U ] (STONES)

very small pieces of stone or sand:

I cleaned the grit off my bike.

grit noun [ U ] (BRAVERY)

bravery and strength of character:

Emma is enthusiastic, all grit and determination.


gritverb [ T ]

us /ɡrɪt/ -tt-

grit verb [ T ] (PRESS)

to press your top and bottom teeth together:

I grit my teeth because I’m trying not to moan.

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