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gust en inglés británico

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gustnoun [ C ]

uk /ɡʌst/ us /ɡʌst/

a sudden strong wind:

A sudden gust of wind blew his umbrella inside out.
figurative She could hear gusts of laughter (= sudden, loud laughter) from within the room.

gustverb [ I ]

uk /ɡʌst/ us /ɡʌst/

to blow strongly:

Winds gusting to 50 mph brought down power lines.

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gust en inglés americano

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gustnoun [ C ]

us /ɡʌst/

a sudden, strong wind that blows for a very short time:

A sudden gust lifted his trailer and tossed it on its side.
verb [ I ] us /ɡʌst/

Winds are gusting up to 55 miles per hour.
adjective us /ˈɡʌs·ti/

gusty winds

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