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haggle en inglés americano

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haggleverb [ I ]

us /ˈhæɡ·əl/

to argue, esp. about the price of something:

He hated to haggle over prices.

(Definición de haggle del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

haggle en inglés de negocios

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haggleverb [ I ]

uk /ˈhæɡl/ us

COMMERCE to argue about the price of something in an attempt to make the seller reduce it:

Many car dealers will give you a sizeable discount if you are prepared to haggle.
haggle over/about sth The two clubs spent weeks haggling over the fee before finally reaching a deal.
haggle with sb If you're a cash buyer, haggle with the dealer to get the best price and/or free extras.
haggle for sth They haggle for a rate or use Priceline to get into a full-service hotel rather than pay rock-bottom for lesser quality.

to argue about the details of something:

haggle over/about sth Congress is soon to begin the months-long process of haggling about food safety amendments.
haggle with sb Regulators are still haggling with bankers over the precise details of the agreement.

(Definición de haggle del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)