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halfnoun, pronoun, predeterminer, adjective, adverb

uk /hɑːf/ us /hæf/

A2 either of the two equal or nearly equal parts that together make up a whole:

"What's half of 96?" "48."
Roughly half (of) the class are Spanish and the others are a mixture of nationalities.
Cut the apple in half/into halves (= into two equal parts).
My little brother is half as tall as me/half my height.
half a dozen (= six) eggs
Half of me would just like to give it all up and travel around the world (= partly I would like to, but partly I would not).
She was born in the latter half of the 18th century.
The recipe tells you to use a pound and a half of butter.

B2 informal a lot:

She invited a lot of people to the party but half of them didn't turn up.
I don't even know where she is half (of) the time.
half past

A1 Half past a particular hour is 30 minutes later than that hour:

I'll meet you at half past nine (= 09.30 or 21.30).
UK informal I'll meet you at half seven (= half past seven).

B1 only partly:

He answered the door half naked.
I was half expecting to see her at the party.
I'm half inclined to take the job just because it's in Argentina.
He was being funny but I think he was half serious.
The bottle's half empty.
go halves informal

to divide the cost of something with someone:

Shall we go halves on a bottle of champagne?
I'll go halves with you on a bottle of champagne.
half and half

equal amounts of two different things:

You can use just sugar, just honey, or half and half.
See also
half as much again

50 percent more of the existing number or amount

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halfnoun [ C ]

uk /hɑːf/ us /hæf/ plural halves

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halfpronoun, noun [ C/U ]

us /hæf/ plural halves /hævz/

either of the two equal or nearly equal parts that together make up a whole:

[ U ] Half of 12 is 6.
[ U ] Half (of) the students are Spanish.
[ U ] Cut the apple in half (= into two equal parts).
[ C ] The recipe calls for a pound and a half of potatoes.

In sports, a half is one of two equal periods of play, often with a short pause for rest between them.


halfadjective, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /hæf/

referring to either of the two equal or nearly equal parts that together make up a whole:

Each talk should last about a half hour/half an hour (= 30 minutes).
We need half a dozen (= six) eggs.

Half also means partly or not completely:

She was still sleepy and only half aware of what was happening.
I half expected (= almost expected) to see her at the party.

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