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hard core en inglés británico

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hard corenoun

uk /ˈhɑːd ˌkɔːr/ us /ˈhɑːrd ˌkɔːr/

hard core noun (BELIEF)

[ S, + sing/pl verb ] also hard-core a small group of people within a larger group, who strongly believe in the group's principles and usually have a lot of power in it:

The hard core of the party has not lost sight of the original ideals.


uk /ˌhɑːdˈkɔːr/ us /ˌhɑːrdˈkɔːr/

hard-core adjective (SEX)

showing sexual acts clearly and in detail:

hard-core pornography

hard-core adjective (BELIEF)

used to describe people who strongly believe in something:

hard-core party members

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hard-core en inglés americano

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us /ˈhɑrdˈkɔr/

unlikely to change, or difficult to change:

hard-core poverty
a hard-core conservative

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hard core en inglés de negocios

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hard corenoun [ S ]

uk us

the people who are the most interested and involved in an organization, group, or activity:

A hard core of investors remain deeply concerned about the company's strategy and the make-up of the board.

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hard-coreadjective [ usually before noun ]

also hardcore uk us

serious or difficult to deal with and unlikely to change:

Hard-core unemployment usually results when a worker is disabled and is not able to work.
He will focus more on fighting hard-core antitrust cases.
The two counties are predominantly sprawling suburbs and shore towns, with relatively few pockets of hard-core poverty and crime.
hard-core homeless/unemployed

used to describe the people who are most interested and involved in an organization, group, or activity:

What the hard-core environmentalists want is punitive fossil-fuel restrictions.
hard-core fans/supporters
hard-core insurgents/terrorists

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