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have (got) sth on

phrasal verb with have uk strong /hæv/ /həv/ /əv/ us /hæv/ /həv/ /əv/ verb had

B1 If you have clothes or shoes on, you are wearing them:

I loved that dress you had on last night.

UK If you have something on, you have planned to do it:

Do you have anything on this week?
I've got something on this Tuesday, but I'm free on Wednesday.

Más ejemplos

  • Jill only had a thin cotton dress on - she must have been freezing.
  • When Andy arrived he had jeans on, but Mum made him go and change.
  • You know you're only allowed to jump in the puddles if you have your wellington boots on.
  • I can't answer the door - I haven't any clothes on!
  • Molly looks very grown up when she has her work clothes on.

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