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head-to-headadjective, adverb

us /ˈhed·təˈhed/

opposing each other in direct competition:

The two giant aircraft companies went head-to-head for the $2 billion order.
Tampa Bay has no head-to-head games with Boston this year.

(Definición de head-to-head del Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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head-to-headadjective [ before noun ]

uk us

involving two people or groups that are competing directly against each other:

a head-to-head battle/clash/contest Two of the biggest characters in the retail sector were engaged in a head-to-head battle for one of the icons of British industry.
head-to-head competition

involving two people discussing something directly with each other, especially in order to see which person seems better:

a head-to-head confrontation/debate/meeting


also head to head uk us

if two or more people or companies compete, go, etc. head to head, they compete directly with each other:

Stakes are higher than ever as the major airlines go head-to-head in an industry dominated by the tightest of margins.
head-to-head with sb/sth The recent acquisition gives the store over 500,000 retail customers, putting it head-to-head with previous market leaders.
head to head against sb/sth They could find themselves head to head against Turkish suppliers.

head-to-headnoun [ C ]

also head to head uk us informal

a situation, meeting, programme, etc. in which two people discuss something directly with each other, especially in order to see which person seems the best:

Two of the best known names in the industry took part in a televised head to head last night.

(Definición de head-to-head del Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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