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uk /hiːt/ us /hiːt/

heat noun (TEMPERATURE)

B1 [ S or U ] the quality of being hot or warm, or the temperature of something:

the heat of the sun/fire
How do you manage to work in this heat without air conditioning?
She always wore a coat, even in the heat of summer.
Cook the meat on a high/low heat (= at a high/low temperature).

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heatverb [ I or T ]

uk /hiːt/ us /hiːt/

B2 to make something hot or warm, or to become hot or warm:

A large house like this must be expensive to heat.
Shall I heat up some soup for lunch?

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heat noun (TEMPERATURE)

us /hit/ [ U ] warmth, esp. a lot of warmth:

the heat of the sun

physics us /hit/ [ U ] Heat is also a form of energy that a substance has because of the movement of its molecules or atoms.

us /hit/ [ U ] The heat can also mean hot weather:

I thought I’d like living in Florida, but the heat was too much for me.

us /hit/ [ U ] The heat is also the system in a building or a stove that controls the temperature:

I’m freezing – can you turn up the heat?
Lower the heat when the water starts to boil.

heat noun (POWER)

physics /hit/ [ U ] a type of energy that moves from one object or substance to another because of their difference in temperature

heat noun (EMOTION)

us /hit/ [ U ] a state of strong emotion, esp. excitement or anger:

The heat of his own argument swept him away.
John apologized for the remarks he had made in the heat of the moment (= while he was angry or excited).


us /hit/ [ U ] responsibility or blame:

We took a lot of heat for showing that on TV.

heat noun (COMPETITION)

us /hit/ [ C ] a competition, esp. a race, in which it is decided who will compete in the final event

heat noun (BIOLOGY)

in heat biology

If an animal, esp. a female, is in heat, it is ready to breed.

heatverb [ T ]

us /hit/

heat verb [ T ] (TEMPERATURE)

to make a place or thing warm:

It costs a lot to heat this house.
Heat the sauce in the microwave.

Phrasal verb(s)

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uk /hiːt/ us informal
feel/take/face the heat

to be in a difficult situation in which you have to deal with a lot of problems:

Domestic retailers are feeling the heat from foreign competitors.
turn up the heat (on sb/sth) also put the heat on sb

to try to force someone or something to do something in order to get the result you want:

OPEC could turn up the heat by increasing oil prices still further.

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