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Significado de “home” - Diccionario Inglés

Significado de "home" - Diccionario Inglés

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uk   /həʊm/  us   /hoʊm/


A1 [C or U] the ​house, ​apartment, etc. where you ​live, ​especially with ​yourfamily: The ​senator has two homes - an ​apartment in Washington and a ​house in Colorado. He was ​living on the ​streets for three ​months, and his home was a ​cardboardbox. Call me at home after four o'clock. women who ​decide to stay at home and ​look after ​theirchildren He left home (= ​stoppedliving with his ​parents) when he was 23.UK More and more ​couples are setting up home together without getting ​married. [C] a ​house, ​apartment, etc. when it is ​considered as ​property that you can ​buy or ​sell: luxury/​starter homes [C] the ​type of ​family you come from: We had a ​happy home. children from a broken home (= from a ​family in which the ​parents had ​separated)C1 [C] a ​place where ​people or ​animalslive and are ​cared for by ​people who are not ​theirrelations or ​owners: a children's home/an ​old people's home/a ​dogs' home He ​spent his early ​years in a home.
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home noun (ORIGIN)

A1 [C or U] someone's or something's ​place of ​origin, or the ​place where a ​personfeels they ​belong: I ​live in London, but my home (= where I was ​born) is in Greece. I was ​actuallyborn in New Zealand, but I've ​lived in Hong Kong for so ​long that it feels like home now.
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home noun (COUNTRY)

[C or U] your own ​country or ​your own ​area: She ​loves France, but she ​misses home. At home we ​call this "lardy ​cake".UK I ​wonder what they're doing back at home.be/play at home If a ​sportsteam are/​play at home, they ​play on ​their own ​sportsfield.
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at or to ​yourhouse or the ​place where you ​live: Don't ​worry, I'll be home ​soon.US I'm ​sorry, he's not home ​right now.mainly US The ​kids were home alone. She ​decided to give up and go home. He came home as the ​dawn was ​breaking. Josh was ​tired so we took him home. I took home a ​couple of ​books to ​read. I'll bring everyone home after the ​party. When you get home late you don't ​feel like ​cooking. I ​hope you made it home ​safely last ​night? mainly US women who ​decide to stay home and ​care for ​theirchildren in or to the ​country or ​area where you come from: We ​pray all ​ourtroops will come home ​safely.mainly US I ​wonder what they're doing back home.US Back home we ​call this ​jelly.

homeadjective [before noun]

uk   /həʊm/  us   /hoʊm/

home adjective [before noun] (RELATING TO HOME)

relating to the ​house, ​flat, etc. where someone ​lives: home ​ownership home ​improvements/​maintenancemainly US home ​prices done at home, or ​intended to be used at home: home ​cooking home-brewed ​beer a home ​computer my home ​telephonenumber relating to ​yourfamily or ​yourlife at home: His home ​life is ​affecting his ​work. students who have a ​difficult home ​situation

home adjective [before noun] (COUNTRY)

connected with or done in ​your own ​country: His ​books were a ​success in his home country/​market, but ​failed to ​find an ​audienceabroad.

home adjective [before noun] (SPORTS)

relating to the ​place where a ​team is ​based and ​plays a lot of ​itsgames: the home ​team/​side a home ​ground a home ​match/​game the home ​strip (= ​clothingworn by a ​team when they ​play a home ​match) home ​advantage (= the ​improvedchance of ​success that ​playing at home gives to a ​team)
(Definition of home from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "home" - Diccionario Inglés Americano

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homenoun [C/U]

 us   /hoʊm/

home noun [C/U] (HOUSE)

a ​structure in which a ​personlives, esp. a ​house or ​apartment: [U] Phone me at home after four o’clock. [C] We have a ​country home and a ​city home. A home also refers to the ​family that ​lives together there: [C] a ​happy home A home is also a ​place where a ​group of ​peoplelive who need ​specialcare: [C] a ​nursing home Your home ​address is the ​address of the ​place where you ​live.Note: "House" is the more usual word for a building that one family lives in. The word "home" also refers to the life that goes on in that building.

home noun [C/U] (ORIGIN)

a ​place of ​origin, or the ​place where a ​personbelongs: [C] Australia is the home of the ​kangaroo. [U] I’ve ​lived here for two ​years, but it still doesn’t ​feel like home.at home When you are at home in a ​place or ​situation, you are ​comfortable and ​relaxed there: She’s ​beginning to ​feel at home in her new ​job. Go into the ​livingroom and make yourself at home.

homeadjective [not gradable]

 us   /hoʊm/

home adjective [not gradable] (IN HOUSE)

done or made in the ​place where you ​live: home ​cooking For a ​sportsteam, home refers to the ​city or the ​building or stadium where that ​team usually ​plays: a home ​game

homeadverb [not gradable]

 us   /hoʊm/

home adverb [not gradable] (TOWARD HOUSE)

to or toward the ​place where you ​live: going home
(Definition of home from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Significado de "home" - Diccionario Inglés para los negocios

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homeadjective [before noun]

uk   us   /həʊm/
ECONOMICS relating to your own country, not a ​foreign country: The ​company decided it was over-dependent on the home ​market, and ​struck out abroad.
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used to describe the ​place where a ​company has its ​mainoffices or ​factories: Previously, ​Europeanairlines could only ​fly to the US from the carrier's home country.
COMMERCE relating to the home, not ​business: equipment for home use home audio ​equipment
relating to the ​place where you ​live: Please ​send the ​paperwork to my home ​address. Home ​delivery is ​free if you ​spend more than £100.


uk   us   /həʊm/
take home (also bring home) to ​earn a particular ​amount of ​money after ​tax has been ​subtracted from your ​pay: She ​takes home $3000 ​per month.
(Definition of home from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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