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horse-tradingnoun [ U ]

uk /ˈhɔːsˌtreɪ.dɪŋ/ us /ˈhɔːrsˌtreɪ.dɪŋ/ often disapproving

unofficial discussion in which people make agreements that provide both sides with advantages:

There's been a lot of political horse-trading while the parties try to form a government.
verb [ I ] uk /ˈhɔːs.treɪd/ us /ˈhɔːrs.treɪd/ disapproving

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horse trading en inglés de negocios

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horse tradingnoun [ U ]

or horse-trading uk us informal

clever, and often difficult, discussions in which people or organizations try to make a business arrangement, and each tries to get something more favourable to them:

There was much horse trading as the conference tried to agree targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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