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uk /ˈhɒv.ər/ us /ˈhɑː.vɚ/

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to stay in one place in the air, usually by moving the wings quickly:

A hawk hovered in the sky, waiting to swoop down on its prey.
I heard the noise of a helicopter hovering overhead.

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to stand somewhere, especially near another person, eagerly or nervously waiting for their attention:

A waiter hovered at the table, ready to take our order.
I could sense him behind me, hovering and building up the courage to ask me a question.

[ I + prep ] to stay at or near a particular level:

Inflation is hovering at three percent.

[ I + adv/prep, T ] to put the cursor on a computer screen in a particular place without clicking on it:

The link changes to green when the mouse hovers over it.
If you hover the mouse pointer over the entry, the full web address will be displayed.

(Definición de hover del Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

hover en inglés americano

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hoververb [ I ]

us /ˈhʌv·ər, ˈhɑv-/

to stay in the air in one place:

A helicopter hovered overhead.

A person who hovers stands near someone, waiting for attention:

She hovered outside her boss’s door.

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